Outdoors Type Queen Street Mural

Barry Robertson: 07740 877 544

Outdoors Type is a broad scoped, inclusive project which creates public lettering art installations. Subject matter is focused on but not limited to:

  • A positive mindset
  • Environmental awareness
  • Togetherness and acceptance

The vision is to inspire, engage and collaborate through inventive typographic design, whilst regenerating local areas.

Project Brief

For several years, the ordinary looking fence on the west perimeter of Queen Street car park in Broughty Ferry has depicted a colourful mural telling the story of bees. As a local landmark and an educational illustration, the mural is in decayed condition, in need of replacement.

The existing panels which the mural has been spray painted onto, are fixed through the panel faces into a hardwood frame attached to the fence.

The plywood panels measure approximately 25 metres by 1.2 metres and will be replaced with thirteen new aluminium composite sheets which are 3mm thick. The a/c sheets are manufactured, ready to paint directly onto without the need for treatment. As a commonly used substrate for the sign and display industry, the panels are gloss finish on one side and matt finish on the other. Each new panel will be painted by hand individually, undercover in premises in Broughty Ferry.

Once all are completed, the existing plywood panels will be removed and disposed of. Then the thirteen new panels will be screw fixed through the faces onto the hardwood framework with screw fixings disguised. Your assignment is to create the content and produce the completed panels artwork for the new mural which will be installed by end of March 2020.

You are expected to provide a substantial catalogue of research, design concepts and narrative as well as process photographs and journal entries. Photographs will be for use on social media platforms as well as the website and the journal will be edited for regular updates in a blog.


By canvassing the Broughty Ferry community, being aware of current and future topical issues and determining public opinion, options for the mural’s subject will be presented.

This large canvas can tell a story; educate, inform, enlighten, uplift and inspire viewers for years ahead. This stage of the process is most important, and the message is key to the purpose of this mural.

It is advised to collate an ongoing mood board with relevant images, typefaces, words, quotes, styles, shapes and colours. These ideas can be sourced from anywhere and are helpful for reference.


A significant amount of sketches, drawings, paintings, computer generated images or any other expressive works should convey your thoughts and narrative appropriately.

Consider the typefaces which you choose and how these make you feel. Are they legible and do they look timeless? Use contrast in shape, form and colour. Do not dismiss any initial ideas and think creatively.


This stage involves eliminating ideas. Focusing on key words and phrases, formatting the overall design and planning how this will be painted. The strongest, most practical concept will be left.

Scaling the Pattern

Divided into equal segments, your design will be enlarged and transferred onto each panel. This stage involves working in premises in Broughty Ferry.


On work premises and through the correct use of tools and materials, you will learn signwriting to hand letter and illustrate the enlarged pattern according to your design. Some colours may require additional coats and planning is crucial to ensure working efficiently and meeting the deadline.

Please forward all process photos and journal entries to the e-mail address and use the hashtag to share your photos and comments to document progress.