Do what you believe in.

Outdoors Type was established in April 2019 as a creative outlet; formed to engage and collaborate with communities, organisations, schools and businesses.

The mission is to rejuvenate shared and public areas in and around Dundee, by means of lettering art.

Creating words, stories and visual metaphors focusing on:

A positive mindset
Painting and lettering life enhancing messages which can positively alter thoughts and actions. Providing purpose and boosting self esteem for viewers and everyone who wants to participate.

The care for our environment
Highlighting the responsibility of each of us, as stewards of our planet. Reminding us to consider choices made every day, which will affect the areas in which we all share.

Community values
Responsibly collaborating with groups and individuals, of all ages and from all backgrounds. Helping to build pride for communities and enable a sense of ownership.

Regenerating shared and public spaces
Enhancing walls, fences, windows, pavements. On and around community buildings and open spaces, industrial property, unoccupied shops, units and warehouses.

Read about the learning programme for schools, colleges and youth groups.

Process and projects

Painted panels, porous bricks, galvanised doors and sea shell walls.
Browse just some of our projects that have transformed, amazed and enthralled.

Looking forward

The unfolding vision for Outdoors Type is a project of participation, fun and learning.

Guiding individuals of all ages and abilities to share ideas, build friendships and provide a sense of achievement. Promoting and practising aspects of graphic design, painting and hand lettering.

Involving local authorities and organisations to contribute spaces and canvasses. Encouraging schools, youth groups and creatives to get involved. Improving social and practical skills, as well as having fun in the process

Empowering all contributors to share their thoughts and use their voice.

Get Involved!

Do you want to paint a message which can brighten someone’s day? Are you interested in learning how to plan and create an advertisement with real and lasting value? Can you suggest a location which can benefit from a mural or lettering installation?

Outdoors Type would love to read what you have to say.